How to create an indoor farm for your home, with the help of a barn

Red Hook Tavern, a popular tavern in Washington state, is about to become the first indoor farm in the country.

Located in a rural area of Washington state near the Canadian border, Red Hook is home to more than 3,000 residents.

With more than two decades of history, the tavern is known for its authentic Americana, from its traditional hot dogs to its famous ham and cheese sandwiches.

To add a touch of rustic charm to the tavern, the owners have developed a rustic, one-room barn, complete with a roof deck and a porch, for the outdoor space.

The roof deck provides a great place to enjoy a delicious beer on the porch, as well as to have your own hot dog.

The barn itself, located on the back of the house, has a built-in fire pit and will be the mainstay of the barn, where patrons will have a great spot to grill or roast their own meats.

The dining room and kitchen will be open to guests, and the barn will have plenty of seating and tables.

The building is also equipped with a variety of outdoor amenities such as an indoor playground and a playground for kids.

“Red Hook Tavern is a wonderful example of a small-scale, locally-owned tavern that offers a lot of things that can be done outdoors,” says co-owner and restaurant manager, Tim White.

“It’s not just a barn, but it’s a family farm, too.

We want to make it as welcoming as possible for people who want to come in for a few hours of cooking and enjoy their lunch or dinner, or even just sit around and watch the animals.”

To create the barn in the most rustic and sustainable way possible, the owner’s are using a combination of local materials, recycled wood and a farm tractor, which is a traditional type of building used to make a farm.

The wooden deck is made of recycled plywood, which provides a durable, sustainable and environmentally-friendly building material.

The farm tractor is also an environmentally-responsible way to improve the environment and the environment’s health.

The outdoor space, located at the back end of the building, has been designed with seating and a large patio that is a perfect place to relax and watch wildlife.

The patio is made up of a wooden deck and raised deck.

The back of this deck is also a fire pit that can serve as a natural heat source for the fire pit.

The wood used in the construction of the wood deck is locally sourced and is a good choice for the design of the fire ring that will be located in the back.

A combination of wood and recycled materials is used to create the wood decks, which provide the barn with a high level of structural integrity and the best quality of wood for a barn.

The owner’s have designed the barn to be both rustic to the inside and out, but also to be a great outdoor environment.

“The barn is located in a small community and we want to provide a place for people to hang out, hang out and be themselves, without a lot, but with some, a lot more,” White says.

“We want people to be able to be in the outdoors and just be their own personal community, without being separated from the people that live in the community.

We’ve been in a lot better shape than many of our competitors because we have such a long history.”

The barn will be able open in late spring and early summer.

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