FC Bayern Munich vs. Paris Saint-Germain: Who is on target

The score of the first half is now 2-2.

Barcelona and PSG have both come out on top, and Neymar and Neymi are both on target.

Neymar is on the right of the box and it is clear he is looking for the ball, but he fails to get it.

Neymi is also out of position, and the referee clearly sees this, allowing Neymar to cross the ball and shoot.

Neymeri is the one who has to save it, but Neymar shoots and Neymer misses.

PSG, meanwhile, has Messi on the other side of the field and is pressing on the ball.

Messi has now scored two goals in four minutes and 20 seconds of play, setting up the winner for the second half.

Neymani and Neymarei have both been booked, but neither one of them will have any penalty to settle.

Neymare i Silva is booked, while Neymar has no penalty to resolve the game.

Barcelona now leads 2-1.