The Wood Tavern

Wood Tavern is open and has all the ingredients and services that you would expect.

But the restaurant has a different style.

Owner Michael R. Rios says it’s not just a place for drinking, but also a place where people can gather for food, music and conversation.

“You know, this is a place that we like to hang out,” he said.

Wood Tavern has been open since December and is located at 1310 E. 5th St. in the River North neighborhood.

It has a patio that seats up to six people.

It’s an upscale place where you can enjoy good food and drinks, Rios said.

R.A.I.S. Food and Wine & Bar Rios has been the co-owner of Wood Tavern since it opened in December.

He said that while the restaurant is new to the neighborhood, it’s become known for its food.

He says Wood Tavern offers a menu of sandwiches, salads, sandwiches, pizza and desserts.

RIO said he was the first one to make the restaurant a place to go to when it was opening, but he and his wife, Amy, have been serving the community since.

Rio said he’s been enjoying the restaurant with his wife and the community, as well.

The restaurant has several bars and restaurants that cater to all different types of patrons.

Riolos said he is a huge fan of the RiverNorth neighborhoods.

“I love it because we have people from all different backgrounds here and I think the community really cares about this neighborhood,” Rios explained.

Riesos said that the restaurant started as a place of hospitality for people who wanted to go out and enjoy food and drink and to just meet people.

He added that he has seen the community become a better part of the community over the years.

Rietos said the Wood Tavern community is a good mix of different ethnic groups and that they all feel at home.

He also said that they have been a big supporter of the city of Houston and the Texas Health Department.

“We are here for people and we want to support the people that have been working so hard and they want to do this for the city,” Rio explained.

“They want to help us, and we are here to help them.”

RIO’s wife said that he also has a lot of friends and that he loves his job.

“The community that we are in, the Wood is a community where everybody is trying to do their best,” Amy Rios added.

“Everybody is working, everybody is striving to do what they can to make this place better.

It makes me happy.”