What you need to know about Boulder View Tavern’s beer menu

A Boulder View tavern has added an unusual twist to its beer menu this summer.

Boulder View Tavern, a new restaurant in the heart of downtown, has opened its first craft beer menu, a mix of American beers, in a new menu item that features a glass of the brew on a whiteboard, as well as a bottle of their seasonal seasonal brews.

The menu items, which include two craft beers, two seasonal brew and a “bud” made with apple cider, will be available in the Boulder View Park and the restaurant’s second floor restaurant, said chef and owner Adam Gagliano.

“I just want to say thanks to the Boulder City Council and Mayor, who have made it a priority to make the neighborhood more accessible for everyone,” he said.

The city’s new “Hometown Brewers Program” encourages brewers to locate in Boulder and provide the community with opportunities to learn about local food and craft beer.

Gaglio said the Boulder Park Tavern was inspired to create its first-ever craft beer list, which included about 20 local breweries and the Boulder Creek Brewing Company.

The restaurant has already started working with local businesses to bring in local food trucks to serve its beer.

The restaurant plans to expand the program to include more breweries in the future, Gaggiano said.

“We want to continue to build our relationships with local communities, to grow our relationships, to give back to them,” he added.