What’s next for Israel’s iconic park west?

With the park west’s iconic green-and-white pavilion demolished, it’s a question mark as to whether the city will be able to preserve the park as a permanent part of the cityscape.

On Tuesday, the Israeli Tourism Authority announced that it had been granted an extension to the park’s design phase, meaning it will be ready for construction by 2020.

The park was built in the 1950s, in order to commemorate the victory of the Jewish people against Nazi Germany.

Its green-covered pavilion was completed in 1963, and it is home to dozens of historical sites and landmarks.

The decision to build a new park west of the Wall in Israel comes at a time when the country is undergoing a series of commemorative projects to commemorate Israeli victims of the Holocaust, such as the building of a memorial in Jerusalem’s Old City and the opening of a new Israeli military museum.

The Green Line, the line that divides Jerusalem from the West Bank, is now one of the world’s most-used crossing points.

Its reconstruction in recent years has been criticized by many, including Palestinians, for its cost and lack of transparency.

A few years ago, Israel launched a project to build the first of many new memorials to the victims of Israeli crimes in Jerusalem.

The memorials will not only memorialize the victims, but also to commemorate their families, including the children of the six Jewish teens who were kidnapped in the summer of 1948, abducted by the Nazis.

They were among the few remaining survivors of the Six Day War.