Hulen’s Hollywood Tavern: What you need to know about a new restaurant opening in Burntwood

Hulens Hollywood Tavern is one of several restaurants opening across Hollywood in a major revamp to make way for the new Burntwoods entertainment district.

The Hollywood Tavern, at the corner of Burnt Woods Boulevard and North La Brea Avenue, has been a favorite spot for the area’s hipsters and is set to reopen this week.

The restaurant was founded by a group of former BurntWOOD staff in 2002.

It is open daily from 5 p.m. to midnight, and will serve food with an emphasis on the classic American comfort food, with burgers, sandwiches, and a variety of beverages.

Hulens owners and employees were originally from BurntWood.

They moved to Hollywood when the new Hollywood district was planned, and have been busy bringing their passion for Southern food and hospitality to the new district.

The Hollywood Tavern opened last year, with the menu expanding to include a selection of burgers, chicken wings, and pizza.

“We really wanted to make this a restaurant that people would want to come back to,” Hulins owner David Hulson said.

“People come in here for entertainment and it’s the same for a night out.

We have people that come here for cocktails and it is just fun to see the different types of drinks they can drink.

We really wanted people to come here and enjoy a night.”

Hulen and Hulons wife, Jessica, both have degrees in culinary arts and also worked at the restaurant for about a year.

Their son and daughter are also part of the team.

“The family is just so passionate about food and entertainment and they have been very successful in bringing that to the community and in Hollywood,” Jessica Hulsen said.

“Huls Hollywood Tavern has been the family restaurant since the beginning.

We are very excited to be able to reopen here.

We will be bringing our family and friends here to celebrate this amazing moment.”

The Hollywood and BurntBridges will include a full bar with more than 80 taps, with cocktails, a cocktail lounge, and an outdoor bar.

The new Burndwood entertainment district, which includes Burnt Wood and La Bream Avenues, is expected to open in the fall.