Stirling Taverns opens in Houston

Stirling, Texas, is the newest addition to the Houston dining scene.

Stirling is an Austin-based restaurant that is based in the Stirling area of Texas.

It is owned by the Stirlings family and opened in December 2018.

The restaurant features a wide array of international cuisine and has a number of other offerings including burgers, burgers, steak, seafood and seafood dishes.

The Stirling taverns has a reputation for being a welcoming place where customers can enjoy a comfortable atmosphere and feel comfortable when dining.

The company is based out of Houston and is part of the Houston International Airport (HIA) which is one of the largest airports in the country.

The restaurants are located in the city of Stirling.

The taverns owners are currently preparing for their expansion, and plan to open the restaurant in the fall.

The new location will include a new menu that includes a menu of local beers, wines, cocktails, and cocktails.

The bar will also include a full bar, a full cocktail bar, and a full dessert bar.

The main restaurant, bar, dessert bar, dining room, and restaurant are located on the second floor of the new Stirling Town Center building, located at 1300 West Broadway.