Which bar is the most famous in Carolina?

A tavern with an annual turnover of more than $200,000 is the only one in Carolina to make the list.

The Buffalo Tavern is one of five spots on this year’s list, along with the Big Oven in Winston-Salem, the Bistro La Boulange in Wilmington, and the Brasserie La Burel in Charleston.

The list was compiled by The Charlotte Observer from more than 100 interviews with restaurant owners and other hospitality professionals.

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A tavern that was the most successful in the country at attracting millennials with its beer and wine menu, including the Buffalo Tavern, was ranked No. 2.

It also had the best liquor license in the state.

The restaurant is one part of a trend that has seen Charleston restaurants like the Biltmore, The Brasserie, The Bistros, and other restaurants among the top 20 most-coveted in the United States.

A bar with an average annual turnover in the range of $200 to $350,000 was the No. 3 spot.

A place with an alcohol license in excess of $400,000 also made the list, which includes the Brasseries La Brelle, The Grill, and The Brasseries Restaurant.

The Brassiers Boulangerie in the city’s southwest also made it on the list and is on pace to surpass its previous high of $330,000.

The other top-ranked restaurants in the list are the Batshing Tavern in the heart of Charlotte and the PBR Lounge in Raleigh, which also is a restaurant that was ranked highly.

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