‘Aye, aye’, ‘I know what I’m doing’

Ayes are not a common sight in India.

But on the day of the release of the Ayes from a two-year jail sentence, the government is showing its appreciation to the people for their hard work.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has issued a decree on social media encouraging people to “live with honesty and integrity”.

“I know that I am being a hypocrite.

I know that the Aye is not an ordinary person.

I don’t even know the Aya,” the prime minister said in a message to the country.

“But I do know that Aye will not hide from me.

Aye, Aye.

Aye,” he said.

The Ayes were sentenced to two years of jail in July after a trial in Mumbai’s Red Square in which they had admitted to a crime for which they received the maximum punishment, an all-India minimum.

They were released on bail in December after being arrested at the same Red Square on suspicion of murder.

In November last year, police in Mumbai arrested a second Ayes, Sudhir Mishra, on suspicion he was involved in the gang-rape of a 23-year-old woman in 2012.

He was also found guilty of murdering his wife.