What you need to know about a new ice cream restaurant in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has been hit hard by the drought and is trying to help its residents cope by opening up ice cream bars and ice cream shops. 

The state’s first new ice-cream establishment opened in the city of Eau Claire on Thursday. 

Owner Tom Buehler said he has been trying to get ice cream and other treats to locals since he opened the new establishment.

“We wanted to do something special,” he said.

Ice cream is the third food item that Buellaers family owns.

The other two are ice cream sandwiches and ice-bake ice cream.

Buellaer said the family has been in business for three decades and has been able to serve a diverse clientele.

His family has also started a new frozen yogurt business that sells to restaurants and grocery stores.

Wisconsin is the latest state to open up to the public, with other states such as Missouri, Texas and Colorado opening their doors to the general public this week.

ABC News’ John Stossel contributed to this report.