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Mews Tavern, a pub in downtown Winnipeg, was the first to open a full-service online tavern last year.

It’s now the first one in Canada.article Mainstreet Tavern, which opened in October, will open its first online tavern on Feb. 1, 2018, as a way for customers to get a drink while their families wait for dinner.

Mews is owned by the same owners as the now-defunct Mainstreet Pub and has an online menu that includes a selection of food from the menu at the original Mainstreet, which closed in April 2017.

It also sells merchandise and offers a selection on its website, such as t-shirts, hoodies and coffee mugs.

Mews Tavern will also have a lounge area with a full bar and a kitchen with a small bar area.

The space will have a full beer menu, including a variety of craft beers, and the menu will include a selection from their current brews, said Scott Schumann, managing partner of Mainstreet’s real estate agency, Mews Properties, which manages the pub.

There are a lot of new opportunities for the internet-enabled bar to thrive in the future, he said.

The Mainstreet pub has already seen success.

The restaurant, which has been open since 2012, has been able to grow its menu from a menu of two to a menu that will be in the hundreds of items, Schumann said.

This has allowed them to expand their service to include live music and other activities, he added.

Mainstreet Tavern is owned and operated by the owners of the Mainstreet and the Mainstreets in the downtown core, said owner Adam Hodge.

It will be a one-stop shop for Mainstreet customers.

Hodge said the idea for Mainstreet Tavern came from the time when he was going through some financial problems with the business.

He went through bankruptcy and went through a divorce and was unable to keep the business going, he explained.

He was forced to sell it to a company that he had to pay back $1.3 million and that also had a bad credit rating, he recalled.

The restaurant will open in February with the MainStreet menu, which includes a range of items including a selection that will include seasonal beers and a selection with craft beers from the Main Streets portfolio.

Mainstreet will also offer a variety menu at their bar area, which will be open through the end of the month, Hodge said.

The Mainstreeting restaurant is the only one of its kind in the world, said Hodge, and is the first in Canada to open online.

It started with the idea of opening a restaurant and not necessarily a bar, he noted.

“The idea was to have the mainstay and the side dishes, to have a bar with the menu, and have the option of having the whole menu available to customers in a way that would allow us to take a little bit of time and space out of our business and create some new business opportunities,” he said, adding that he would also be opening a full liquor store at the Main Street location.

In addition to serving customers at the bar, the MainStreets is also offering live music, as well as a range from local musicians to international performers, Haxon said.

He added that the Mainsters have already been working with the restaurant to find other opportunities to host live events, including at a restaurant in the near future.

For now, the business is being run by Hodge’s partner, Ryan Hodge from Winnipeg, but he will eventually be able to bring in other partners to take over management of the business, Schaumann said.

Hodges wife, Rachel, is also involved with the company.

She will be responsible for managing the business through the time it takes to get it going, Schumann said, noting that it will be difficult to find anyone who is more dedicated to the business than her.

“I have a lot in common with Rachel, and I’m really looking forward to seeing what she’s going to do,” Schumann told CBC News.HODGES DAUGHTER ALSO INVOLVEDIn addition, Hods daughter, Rachel Hodge will be running the business and will be able run her own marketing and promotion campaign, Schummann said as well.

“She is a really smart businessperson, so she will be doing all the marketing, and we’re hoping she can also get her own business to come in,” Schummant said.