Helvetia Tavern to close after 2 years in business

It’s been more than two years since Helvetias Tavern in downtown Houston opened its doors.

The downtown restaurant has been operating under the name Helvetica Tavern for about five years now, but it’s now closing.

The news was first reported by Houston Business Journal.

The company was created by former Houston Astros player Kevin Gausman.

The Helvetiastan is a bar and restaurant with a focus on Latin American cuisine and beer.

It serves a rotating menu of seasonal and specialty cocktails, a full bar and patio.

Helvetiamatas owners Chris and Sarah Lein said they’ve been trying to find new ways to stay open in a town with so many restaurants and bars.

They said they’re also trying to grow the business.

“We’re doing a lot of things in the restaurant business that we think are going to benefit Helvetiacas,” Chris Lein, the CEO and co-founder of Helvetico, told the Houston Chronicle.

“Our focus is on making sure that we continue to be successful.”