The city tavern has a new name and new owner

A new name for the new tavern at Hobos Tavern in Mumbai has caused controversy.

The new name, which was first reported by the Indian Express, will be used in the bar and restaurant.

The bar is owned by Shri Anil Gopinath and Shri Praveen Suresh, both former members of the Shri Vikram Gopi Adityanath government.

The owners are trying to create a more inclusive space in the city.

The new name is a nod to the fact that the old name of the bar was the Hobos restaurant.

However, the new name will be “Taverna Tony” (meaning “bar” in Hindi).

This name was coined by the owners and the bar will be known as Taverna Tonic.

Shri Gopis father-in-law Anil Singh has been the bar’s manager since 2012 and is the current proprietor.

The bar’s management is yet to finalise the name.

The name will have a logo and the names of the patrons will be written in English.

This will make the restaurant a more inviting environment for people who want to relax in the evening.

Shri Ani Gopinees father- in-law, Shri Kunal Dube, will take over the bar management from Shri Suresesh Gopins father-on-the-moon.

The other former members are Shri Vishal Srinivas and Shrikant Bhattacharya.

Shrikanth Bhatta will be the managing director of the business.

Shreya Sharma, who was the owner of the Hobo restaurant for more than a decade, will also be part of the management team.

The Bar, which is located at the junction of the Pune and Puducherry railway tracks, is a popular spot for drinking in the old-time style.

A few months ago, a group of people, who are all in their 60s and 70s, came up to the bar, which has been run by the Gopindas since 2005.

Shree Gopidar, the proprietor of the restaurant, said the bar is now open at 11 am.

The Hobos is a restaurant that was launched in 2008 by the former Maharashtra Chief Minister, Shrikandar Bhattacarya, to offer a relaxed atmosphere in the Puduchyan area.

Shrkandar and Shreyan Bhattas were both former Members of the Maharashtra Chief Ministers cabinet.