Which games are on my “must-play” list?

By now you probably know what I’m talking about when it comes to gaming’s most talked-about titles. 

I can tell you that I’m definitely looking forward to this year’s Assassin’s Creed: Unity launch. 

If you’re not familiar with the franchise, it’s a sprawling open-world action RPG that takes place in the far reaches of the world, where the supernatural has risen to power. 

But Assassin’s Edge and its subsequent sequels have also proven to be a boon for Ubisoft’s gaming portfolio. 

The first installment of the franchise was a major hit for Ubisoft, and now the next one is coming out in 2017. 

And while Unity and its sequel are all the rage, Assassin’s Blade and Assassin’s Origins are two of my personal favorites. 

So, I’m looking forward this year to Assassin’s Blades of the Caribbean, the upcoming open-ended adventure game from Ubisoft Montreal. 

What’s so special about Assassin’s Bay? 

You see, the game is based on a novel by the legendary French author René Girard, The Assassin’s Book. 

It’s the first novel that I’ve read that has been translated into English, which is awesome for a game like Assassin’s Bloodlines. 

You’re playing a young Assassin named Éamon, who was raised in the Caribbean. 

His father is a wealthy merchant, and Éamon’s mother is a nurse. 

While in the jungle, Éamon meets a young girl named Yolanda. 

After a series of encounters, Yolanny takes him to a village called L’Angle, where she discovers that she is actually a descendant of the pirate king, Vito Carraway. 

Avenge her father’s death, and take him to his castle. 

Eamon has to work with Yolancy to protect her. 

When he reaches his goal, he discovers that Yolanna has been kidnapped by a mysterious group. 

That’s when he must go back to the island to find Yolany. 

With the help of his trusted friend, Jean, Éamons father, his quest takes him deep into the Caribbean and through the jungles of L’Anse aux Meadows. 

Along the way, he learns that he’s on a mission to discover the truth behind the kidnapping of Yoland and to stop Vito from taking advantage of the island’s riches to seize the treasure. 

En route, Émon discovers that the island is not as innocent as he thought. 

He’s being followed by a group of assassins who are trying to steal the island. 

For a while, he’s just trying to survive in this dangerous island.

And what’s so great about Assassin�s Bay?

You don’t need to have read Girard’s book to enjoy Assassin�t Bays gameplay, which features an all-new story. 

Instead, the first part of the game focuses on the actions and adventures of the main character, Émaré, who has been raised in a pirate family. 

To keep him grounded, he needs to learn about the island and its people, as well as its history. 

Once Émarés exploits these elements, the plot unfolds in a way that makes sense. 

This gives the game a sense of scope that makes it feel like you�re on a quest. 

In addition to the story, there�s also a deep RPG system that lets players unlock various side-quests. 

These side-stories will provide additional rewards that can help you progress through the game. 

One of the side-missions that you unlock is a quest that allows you to save a princess, and that�s a great way to introduce players to this island.

In terms of gameplay, Assassin�z Bay is all about freedom. 

At its core, Assassin���s Bay is a role-playing game that takes advantage of both RPG and sandbox mechanics to create a fast-paced action RPG experience. Assassin�s Blades of Blackwater has a similarly expansive story, but the sandbox gameplay is more focused on crafting and trading, while RPG mechanics are more focused around exploring the world. 

Each of Assassin�ts Blade games has their own distinct gameplay style, and it�s easy to see why the developers at Ubisoft Montreal were so keen to keep things simple. 

As the first Assassin�d Bay game, Assassinís Blades of Assassin’s Legacy has a simple yet effective gameplay structure that works well for a sandbox RPG. 

Players can spend their time exploring, crafting, and fighting enemies to earn the best weapons and armor for their characters. 

Combat also comes down to a few different kinds of attacks. 

There are the more powerful, powerful-enough melee attacks that have a knockback and stun effect, and a few others that have long-range damage and can knock down a character. 

All of these kinds of moves are complemented by a range of other items, including the ability