How The Hill’s Paul Ryan Became The New Paul Ryan

The House Ways and Means Committee has confirmed its first Republican leadership contender, Representative Paul Ryan, R-Wis., as its next speaker.

The committee’s decision comes after a day of intense speculation over the future of the Republican Party and the GOP brand.

In a statement, House Ways & Means Committee Chairman Kevin Brady, R of Texas, said he was “extremely pleased” to confirm Ryan.

Ryan, who is married to his wife and was elected in 2014, was the only member of the House leadership to lose his seat in the 2018 midterms.

Ryan has been a key player in the House Republican caucus for years, often taking on the most senior members of the party.

He’s become a force in the party’s governing agenda and a central figure in the push to repeal President Donald Trump’s health care bill.

During the campaign, Ryan had been an outspoken critic of Trump and other Republicans, especially on Capitol Hill, as he was a key member of Trump’s economic policy team.