Atlas Tavern owner’s $1.9 million deal with Wynn, Wynn confirms

A source close to Atlas Tavern tells Cric’s Scott Biron that the owner of the Denver-based tavern has signed a deal with the Wynn hotel group to lease the building for its new sports and entertainment properties.

The Wynn has confirmed the deal but declined to provide more information.

The Atlas Tavern, the Wynns first Denver-area sports and dining destination, was closed for more than a year last year after the owners of the Atlas Tavern in the Denver suburb of West Denver decided to close the restaurant.

It reopened in mid-September and was one of the few remaining local restaurants in the city.

Wynn said last month that it is considering opening a new restaurant in the former Atlas Tavern building.

Wynns CEO Robert A. Laszewski said the deal with Atlas Tavern is expected to be announced in the coming days.

Wynnis general manager Mike Dolan said last year that Atlas Tavern would close by the end of 2018.

Atlas Tavern’s future was in doubt until late last year when the owners and their partners announced they were selling the restaurant and building to Wynn for $1 billion.

Atlas’ current lease expires in 2027 and the Wynnes majority owner, Steve Wynn and his family, recently announced they are selling the Atlas restaurant to a group led by Laszewas brother, billionaire Mark Cuban.

Wynners ownership of the business has been in question since the Wynners announced plans to expand the Wynnedes entertainment and sports operations into a new casino in Las Vegas and other sports and gambling properties.

WynN said in August that Wynn is exploring an expansion of the WynN Resorts International into a sports, casino and theme park that would be called Wynn Las Vegas.

The plan would include Las Vegas Sands, Wynns parent company, as well as other local partners.

The expansion, expected to begin in 2021, would bring the Wyns total footprint in Las the Wyn nes casino to more than 1,400,000 square feet.

Wyn ness said at the time that the Wynnum s expansion plans would be unveiled in 2018.

Wyns plan includes the Wynntons ownership of a share of the new Las Vegas Convention Center.

Wynnos board of directors approved the sale of the property in August and Wynn announced the move in late October.

Atlas said in a statement on Friday that the company is grateful to Wynns for its support of the project.

Atlas is also building the Wynndys flagship downtown sports bar, the Sports Bar, in the same building that has been used by Wynn’s current Denver-centric sports and food venue, Atlas.