How to Play: Sam’s Tavern is Here!

The game is a multiplayer mode, with players each being given a specific class and race.

In the game, players are tasked with killing a specific enemy group (called a mob) to acquire gold.

Players have to collect items in order to build and equip their characters, as well as gather resources to help them with their job.

The game includes a wide array of different weapons and armor, which can be purchased and traded, which also make the game challenging.

Players can buy upgrades to their characters via the auction house, which allows players to customize their characters.

The auction house also offers players to acquire new weapons for their characters and equipment for their weapons.

The game also has a tutorial mode that introduces the basic concepts of the game.

This mode can be completed by selecting “Continue” in the main menu, and then selecting “Play Now.”

Players can also purchase additional DLC through the auction shop for $1.99 each, which will add additional game modes to the game like the Arena and PvP.

Players are able to unlock and upgrade their characters by spending gold earned in the game’s main menu.

Each character will have unique stats and weapons that will help them to achieve a certain level in the story, and each character can only be upgraded once.

Once upgraded, characters can be customized and leveled up, and the customization system can be accessed through the main menus, and through the in-game store.

Players may also purchase loot packs that will unlock additional weapon and armor sets.

Loot packs also allow players to obtain additional weapons for weapons, armor, and accessories, and they also give players access to in-app purchases that are purchased via the main games main menu (see image below).