What’s going on with the ‘red wolf’ tavern in Green Dragon?

The Hill | February 22, 2019The Hill | Green Dragon tavern, which is located in the northwest corner of Green Dragon Drive, is owned by the Red Wolf Brewing Company.

The red wolf tavern is located just north of the corner of Old Oak and Green Dragon, in the area that was once home to a popular restaurant and bar.

The restaurant and a couple of other businesses were demolished by the construction of the Green Dragon Parkway.

The Red Wolf is trying to get a new home for the tavern.

It has asked for a demolition permit, which will allow it to move into a smaller space in the building.

The building is currently listed for sale, but the Red Wulf is still asking for $10,000 in cash to move forward.

Red Wulf spokesman David Smith said that he has had several offers for the building, but he was not able to talk about the current status of the negotiations.

The Red Wull is also asking for a “fair price” for the property, Smith said.

The bar, which serves beer, is a popular hangout, especially in the summer, and is popular with residents.

The restaurant’s closure would have a major impact on the neighborhood.

The tavern sits next to the Old Oak Drive Overlook, which provides access to the Red River Trail, according to a city website.

The parkway also has access to some nearby properties.

The area has been home to many restaurants, bars and watering holes, and it’s the perfect spot for a tavern, said Robert Tabor, the neighborhood’s resident.

Tabor said he’s been dining there at least twice a week for the past 10 years, and he said the Red Wolves would be the first place he would want to go for a beer.

But, he said, the tavern is not the kind of place you would go to have a conversation.

“I think people are going to be disappointed if it closes,” he said.

“I’ve got a lot of regulars, and I’ve got friends from all over town, and we’ll see where it goes.”

Red Wilsons general manager, Tim Brown, told the Tribune that the tavern was sold for $8,000, but that the Red wolves had been considering a new location for a while.

The owners would like to build a restaurant on the property.

The owner of the RedWolf tavern, Michael Leong, said that it would be difficult to sell the tavern, as the bar is located on the other side of the road from the tavern and it would require a lot more traffic.

He also said that the current owners were in a difficult position financially, as they have been on and off with rent for about a year.

Leong said that they have considered buying the property for about $4,000 a month, but would have to get permission from the city and the RedWulf to do so.

He said that while the Red wolf would be moving into a new space, they would still have to maintain the tavern because they would be leasing the space.

“We’d have to take care of it, we’d have a lot to pay for,” he told the newspaper.

“We’d still have a liquor license, but we would be operating under a different brand name.”

In addition to Red Wolf, the Redwolves also have a beer company, The Red Wolf Beer Company, which was founded by Leong in 2013.

The company has been brewing beer since 1999.

The tavern’s current owner, who requested anonymity, told The Hill that he plans to lease the tavern to a new landlord and open it up for business.

He said that since the tavern has been vacant for so long, it would probably be best to move to a location with fewer people.

He would like the Redwulf to pay rent to the current landlord for the space, but also to pay it back.