Three men who died while on a hunt for the missing village tavern

Three men on a mountain hunt died when they went missing while hunting for the village tavern.

The men were camping in the mountains when the last signal was sent by their tracker to call for help.

The tracker said he was hearing a voice on the other side of the mountain but couldn’t see anyone.

He said when he heard the voice again, he knew something was wrong and turned his head to the right.

He saw a white horse with a black rider on the trail ahead.

He knew immediately the men had died and called for help as he tried to find his companions.

One of the men’s relatives found them in the snow near the village, about 80 kilometres (50 miles) north of the town of Girdalla.

They were carrying a heavy backpack and were struggling to make it to the water.

The other man was not injured and the tracker said it appeared they had been killed in a fight.

The search for the men was being conducted by the Northern Territory Police, the Australian Federal Police and the Northern Cross Search and Rescue Authority.