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A pedal tavern in Nashville is on the verge of closing its doors for good after a local landlord said he’s sold the business to an unknown buyer.

The Nashville-based Publix chain is trying to make a splash in Nashville, which has seen a resurgence in small-town pubs.

The chain, which opened in Nashville in 1998, is owned by American Apparel Inc., a company based in Austin, Texas.

The chain said Wednesday it is not selling its Nashville location, where it has been operating for nearly four decades.

The Nashville location opened in January.

The Publites, who have operated the Nashville location since 1998, say they’re working to sell the Nashville space.

The Publitions lease agreement says the Nashville store will be used as a parking lot for Publions Nashville event, but that’s not necessarily what happened, said Jason Kessel, president of the Nashville franchise.

Kessel said he doesn’t know what was in the lease, which is pending a city-issued inspection.

The lease includes a clause that allows the franchisee to retain ownership in the Nashville restaurant and has been signed by the Nashville City Council.

The franchisee has not made any offers to the city for the Nashville business, Kessel said.

The lease agreement said the Nashville operation would be closed in 2021.

The property manager, Jim Rieger, said he sold the Nashville storefront to the unknown buyer about six weeks ago, according to an email he sent to The Associated Press.

He didn’t say when or if the business will reopen.

The email was obtained by the AP through a public records request.

The location will be vacant and no other plans have been made to reopen, Riegers email said.

Rieger said the Publies Nashville location will remain open during the transition.

Ridership for Nashville restaurants, bars and restaurants has been on the decline in the United States since the recession and the recession has slowed, according with a report from the National Restaurant Association.

The National Restaurant Foundation said in June that restaurants are losing market share at a faster pace than ever before.