Which world taverns will be open this week?

WORLD TOWNSHIP, Ohio — Which world tavern will be opening this week — the Atlantic or the Big Apple?

— and which world tavern should be the one to go?

While the answer is often a complicated one, this week we have a definitive answer.

We are opening up the world of the Atlantic Tavern to all of our readers, guests and patrons.

The Atlantic is a New York City-based pub and lounge specializing in fine dining and entertainment.

Its mission is to provide the world with the best in fine-dining and entertainment experiences.

When we opened in 2008, we were one of the first American pubs to offer a full bar, a fully stocked restaurant, an outdoor patio and an expansive outdoor patio area.

We have remained true to our original mission and mission has evolved and evolved over the years to provide you with a great experience.

We welcome guests of all ages and we offer a wide variety of wines, beers, and spirits.

The Atlantic has won numerous awards and honors in our communities, and we look forward to continuing to do so.

This week, the Atlantic is welcoming all guests.

In celebration of World of Beer Week, we are bringing back our award-winning World of Wine and Spirits.

We are excited to be bringing our award winning World of Spirits and Beer to the Atlantic.

Our World of Spirit will be a new seasonal beer offering.

We will be introducing a few more seasonal beers, but the mainstay will be the World of Brews and Spirits, an all-you-can-drink beer garden, with a selection of premium craft brews, craft beers and a rotating selection of wines and spirits to pair with your dining experience.

As always, our World of Fine Food will offer a variety of fresh, delicious, local and seasonal dishes.

And while World of Craft will be bringing back some of the most popular menu items from the restaurant to the bar, the bar will remain open to our customers for a fresh and authentic dining experience on a rotating basis.

We also are excited about the upcoming addition of a new specialty cocktail menu, which we will be adding to our rotating menu in the coming weeks.