Why the world’s best theaters are closing soon

The world’s biggest movie theaters are shutting their doors in the coming months.

The National Film Board of Canada said Wednesday it’s shutting down theaters in Montreal, Toronto and Toronto-Dominion Bank said its closing all of its movie venues.

The NFB said that, with a combined total of 5,000 movie seats, “we do not have the capacity to meet the demands of our customers.”

The board has been trying to keep its moviegoing numbers up by offering discounts and concessions.

The board is also seeking to get rid of movie ticket prices.

The decision comes just weeks after a massive movie theater fire in California that left at least 40 people dead, many of them children.

The chain said Tuesday that it would close three more theaters in the state and cancel another four in California.

The owners of the three theaters in California are also planning to close their remaining three in New York.