How to build a taffer’s restaurant without a restaurant lease

A taffer, a tavern that lets patrons pay a tab with a credit card, is a great way to use a credit-card swipe to spend money on food, beverages, and entertainment.

But a business owner could also turn it into a place for people to congregate and take advantage of a perk in the law.

The problem is that, as we’ve seen time and again in recent years, the rules for such businesses have been a bit unclear.

In this case, though, it seems as though the state is taking a more lenient approach to the business, and allowing the Taffer’s to operate as a tavern.

The business owner is trying to make some money off of the Taser.

It’s not illegal, but the owner is charging a surcharge for the use of a Taser in the first place.

This is a common tactic used by many businesses, but it can make a whole lot of sense for a taser-equipped restaurant.

If the surcharge is more than $1, the restaurant owner can get away with charging customers $5 for their use of the taser, even if the customer pays more than that, but they have to use the tasers themselves, which can create a lot of confusion and confusion in the business community.

This makes sense if the surcharges are relatively small, and it’s possible to get around that problem by charging for a separate device to use.

In the case of the tavern, though?

The owner of the restaurant could charge customers a surrage fee for using the tasers.

In other words, he could charge $2.50 for each person who enters the tavern.

This means that, if the number of patrons in the tavern exceeds 25 people, the business owner would charge a surreptitious $2 surcharge per person.

That surreception is still a bit much, and the owner could potentially be liable for it if the tapers were not allowed to use them.

A Taser surcharge that’s higher than the surreption is a gross misappropriation of money, and, as such, should be avoided.

But the law seems to be shifting toward a more relaxed approach in the hopes that more businesses will follow suit.

For now, though it’s unclear if the Tasers are legal or not, we hope this isn’t a sign that we’re heading in a direction we shouldn’t have.