How Trump used ‘drain the swamp’ to get the MAGA crowd in Washington

MAGA, S.C. — Donald Trump’s political machine was a little bit out of control when he took over the White House.

The campaign chairman was so out of touch with the Republican base that he was pushing an extreme anti-immigrant policy that many in the party viewed as anti-American and even racist.

In the end, Trump got it all worked out, but it’s hard to imagine the party would have been the same without the president.

Read more at POLITICO Magazine:  The MAGA-bashing Trump is a dangerous distraction for the GOP and the country Trump is trying to use the MAGAs impeachment trial as an opportunity to promote a hard-line anti-immigration policy.

He has used it to boost support for his border wall, which he insists is necessary to keep out illegal immigration.

Trump also used the trial as a way to use his party’s internal divisions as a platform to try to change the party’s identity.

But that strategy has only been successful so far, as many Republicans are reluctant to embrace Trump on immigration, and his immigration plan has only deepened divisions within the party.

The MAGAs election debacle shows the need to start looking beyond the president to the GOP.

If you can get to the center, the MAGAS is a great place to start.

But if you can’t get to that center, you are just as guilty as the president, according to former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

That was a problem during the Obama years.

But now that the MAGas crisis has come home, the GOP has lost its ability to get any traction.

It will be hard for the party to turn things around in 2018 and 2020 without a full-throated embrace of Trump and his nativist policies.

That’s what he is trying.

This article tagged under: Donald Trump,MAGA trial,joe nancy,peter santorum,donald trump,santorum source Politico Magazine title Joe Biden uses MAGA trial to push hard-right agenda article JOE BIDEN: If you can pull off the MAGIs impeachment trial, then you’ve got yourself a real problem.

That was my view.

In February 2016, a year before Trump won the presidency, the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to launch an investigation into whether Trump had obstructed justice when he fired then-FBI Director James Comey in May 2017.

But after Trump won, Senate Democrats mounted a successful filibuster against the probe, and the White’s response was to keep it quiet.

The White then used the investigation as a pretext to push a bill to expand the powers of the executive branch and to dismantle the Department of Justice’s criminal investigative powers.

The bill was a boon for Trump and for his agenda.

It made it easier for him to fire people who did not agree with him and made it harder for the FBI to investigate people who he considered to be part of his “enemies list.”

The MAGIs indictment was a wake-up call to the Trump administration.

The Senate Judiciary Democrats had already shown that they would use the investigation to stymie the DOJ’s efforts to investigate Trump.

During the course of the investigation, Trump was exposed to more than 500 lies, lies and omissions.

The Trump White House had no idea what it was getting into.

After the impeachment trial ended, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell was asked why the White had not used the MAGIC trial to impeach the president instead.

“I think it’s time that the WhiteHouse did something,” McConnell replied.

“I’m not sure what the Trump team is doing to protect their interests, but that’s their problem.”

The trial is not over yet, but the White is making some progress.

Joe Biden’s MAGA impeachment trial will be the next major challenge to Trump.

The MAGA case was not the first attempt to oust Trump.

But unlike the impeachment case, the impeachment effort will be much more complicated, and it will take more than a simple impeachment trial to win.

I think Joe Biden will use the trial to raise the bar for the White in the future.

What do you think of the MAGGIE trial?

Share your thoughts below.

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