A new breed of dog on the prowl

Dogs have been spotted on the streets of London’s park west.

The new breed, known as “parkies”, are a small breed of dogs which have been introduced to the area to help solve crimes and help people relax in the park.

“The dogs are very sociable,” said one parkie, who asked not to be named.

It’s a good thing, he added.

“They are good dogs and they make a lot of noise.”

He added: “There are a lot more of them in London now than when we first started.”

The parkies were first introduced to park west in the 1970s and have become a local favourite since.

Some parkie owners say the dogs are good companions.

They help to make the park more enjoyable by keeping people busy, calming them down and helping to keep people out of trouble.

A spokesperson for London’s parks department said the breed of parkie was very popular.

There are currently four breeders in the UK: A Dog on the Park, A Dog with a Purpose, a Dog of the Hill, and a Dog for Good.

These breeders are working with councils to help ensure the best possible outcomes for the dogs.

Dog owners are encouraged to get their parkie to join them on walks, in the parks or on the run to see the animals.

To make a donation to the parkie welfare fund, visit the parkiesuk.org website.