What you need to know about Westwood Tavern’s new owners

The Westwood tavern in Henderson, Tenn., has officially reopened after a yearlong shutdown.

The owners of the Henderson restaurant closed the Westwood to the public last year, but the owners of The West will now be able to reopen it.

Owner Jim Stansberry told the Associated Press that the restaurant’s new owner is a small business owner who wanted to take his business to a new level.

The new owners, who are named for the local area where Westwood used to be, said they’re looking forward to adding to the atmosphere at the Henderson location.

“The staff and I are looking forward coming back and serving customers,” Stansberries said.

“I really want to make sure that our customers are going to be happy, and that we’re bringing something new to the table.”

The new Westwood owners will be opening the restaurant in February.