Which of the top 20 NSW wine destinations has the best selection?

On a cloudy day in April, an Australian Wine Review employee walks up to the glass-fronted, wooden bar at Taverna Opa and opens it to an array of wines from across Australia.

A couple of hours later, she opens another and another.

“That’s all I’ve got,” she says as she pours a glass of her latest offering, a pair of Cabernet Sauvignon Merlot, the first in the store’s 18-year history.

The wine selection, which ranges from red wines and white wines to the most exotic, is just as varied and eclectic as the owner herself.

Taverni has also become known for the selection of wines it offers, from the classic to the rare, and its unique blend of wines is evident in every bottle, regardless of the time of year.

Advertisement Tavernas wine list is a combination of wine, spirits and spirits drinks, all sourced from small, independent wineries across the country.

Most of Tavernais wines are sourced from wineries around the country, and the list is constantly changing as the region develops.

“We have a lot of good small wineries in this area, so we try and source a good mix of wineries and different regions,” says Tavernarina Coady, the store owner and co-owner of Tavers Taverna Opah.

Coadys family wine business started in 1996, when her father was a truck driver. “

If they don’t get the press, then we will bring them to Taverns Taverna, because that’s where they’re known for, but we also bring them out in other places as well.”

Coadys family wine business started in 1996, when her father was a truck driver.

“My dad got a truck and he was working in the bush and we went there for a week and we had this one truck.

I remember we were in a bush camp for four days and he brought it home and he used it for the rest of the week,” she laughs.

Tavers, the only taverna open today, opened in 2000 and is a place that has become synonymous with the region’s culture and history.

“People come to the wine bar, they buy a glass, they sit and drink their wine, it’s so relaxing, it brings people together,” says Coadies mother, Sarah Coadie.

“It’s like a family gathering, and I love it.”

The Tavers Bar and Lounge is one of the oldest pubs in the country and was the first tavern in NSW to be opened in a public area in the 1990s.

Taves bar and lounge, opened on March 7, 2016, has been open since 2000 and has become an icon of the wine-focused community in Sydney.

It is currently open seven days a week, and Coads mother Sarah says she is proud to be an ambassador for the bar and its amazing wine selection.

“I think Tavers is one the nicest places in the world, I think people have always been very supportive of it, and it’s just a pleasure to have Tavers open every week,” says Sarah.

“When I first opened the bar in the early 2000s, the locals were really supportive, and now, they just come in to drink and watch the live TV and have a good time, and they come back a lot more.”

The bar’s owner and former employee, Paul McManus, says that it has been a great experience for him to be a part of the Tavern’s story.

“To be a small winery that’s always going to be close to Sydney, and to have this history that I grew up with is just fantastic,” he says.

The owner and her family have been enjoying the success of Taples wine bar. “

For me, it was really a way of putting my family down.”

The owner and her family have been enjoying the success of Taples wine bar.

The store has had the opportunity to make a significant impact in the region, opening up the wine market for other wineries, which has seen an influx of winery workers and wineries looking for work.

“There was a huge boom in winery work in this region when we opened Tavers and now we’ve been able to bring that work in here,” says McManuses son, Luke McManis.

“A lot of people in the industry now are working in Tavers to help support the business.”

The family has also been able by offering Taverners customers free wine at the bar.

“At the end of the day, we’re a family business, so when we’re not having a good day, it helps us relax,” says Luke McMannis.

The Tavers bar has been so popular that it recently opened a second location