How to save money at the bar

The cost of alcohol in the U.S. is skyrocketing.

So why aren’t we seeing a renaissance in the industry?

There are many reasons why that might be.

A number of factors, like the economic downturn and the rise of online shopping, are contributing to the price of booze.

But the main reason why the industry has been so expensive is because the states are not regulating it.

Red Lion Tavern in Pineville, Maine, which was recently sold to a new owner, was closed due to the state’s alcohol tax.

Photo credit: Mike Kepka / Portland Press HeraldThe cost of booze in the United States is skyrocketing.

A state that has the second highest alcohol tax in the country is not regulating its own industries.

While the industry may not be able to get off the ground because of its economic downturn, it’s still a good way to save a few bucks on your next cocktail.

Here are four simple ways to cut your drink bill: 1.

Go to a bar with more than one bartender.

When it comes to saving money, it really comes down to the bartender.

In the old days, you had to pick one person to drink with.

With the rise in popularity of online ordering and social media, it is possible to go to a local bar and select multiple bartenders to serve your drinks.

Some bartenders are also more experienced and will provide you with better service than you would with a regular bar.

It’s also a good idea to have an open bar in your home, as most bars don’t have any designated servers or bartenders.

In most bars, a table will only seat one person.

But if you’re going to go out to dinner or a cocktail party, you can always order a drink with multiple bartends.


Use the menu at the restaurant.

One of the most popular cocktails in the city of Portland is the Old Fashioned.

It is made with rum, brandy, and bourbon, and is served at the popular Pearl Tavern.

It’s so good that you won’t be able, as it is made in a bourbon barrel and is a traditional style of cocktail.

You can also order it in a shot glass, but it’s best served over ice.


Buy a local bottle.

Another popular bar-only cocktail is the Jack Daniels.

It was created in 1912, and since then, it has been a staple in the local bar scene.

The Jack Daniels has a strong liquor taste, which is why it’s also known for being an expensive cocktail.

It can cost up to $100 to buy a bottle, and you have to be willing to wait in line.

If you’re not able to afford it, consider ordering it in some local bottle shops.


Shop at a restaurant with a menu that is more flexible.

If you’re planning on eating out, try ordering a dinner menu from a restaurant that is flexible in the menu.

This will save you a lot of money and allow you to customize your meal so it’s tailored to your preferences.

If your dining plan is limited to only a few items, then you can get a personalized menu with different dishes, sides, and desserts.

The good news is that the industry is growing, so it may be time to open up a new bar.

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