Why Dublin’s taverns are a big draw for tourists

Dublin’s bars and restaurants are among the world’s most popular tourist destinations, with the city’s reputation among the best in Europe, according to the European Tourism Council.

The number of foreign tourists visiting Ireland last year was the highest on record, with more than 1.3 million visits.

Dublin also has one of the most expensive real estate markets in Europe and is the site of several notable cultural attractions, including the Guinness World Records-record-breaking Big Ben, the European Space Agency’s Europa Clipper and the world-famous Kells.

However, while Dublin is renowned as one of Europe’s best tourist destinations due to its international charm, there are some things to keep in mind when it comes to booking a trip to the city.

“The real attraction to Dublin is the quality of the food, drink and atmosphere,” said Mark McCue, CEO of Tourism Ireland, the country’s tourism agency.

“People love seeing Irish craft beer, but they also love the variety of other styles that we offer, especially at the pubs and bars.”

Dublin’s pubs and restaurants, which include the legendary Rathmines and the iconic Dublin Castle, are a major draw for international tourists.

However, many restaurants have also become popular in the past few years, with many of the city´s best-known restaurants offering a wide range of food, including Irish, English and French cuisines.

Dublin pubs are often crowded with diners during the summer months, and many are popular with international visitors.

The city also has a reputation as being the home of the Guinness Book of Records, which measures the volume of beer consumed at Dublin pubs and clubs.

“I would always recommend staying at one of Dublin´s top hotels, such as Hotel Big Ben or Hotel Big Top, because the quality is always outstanding,” McCue said.

“There are a lot of great restaurants in the city and there are plenty of great bars too.”

Read more: Dublin’s pubs to be shut down amid Brexit dispute, says hotelierThe Dublin skyline is known for its distinctive architecture and colourful architecture, which often draws tourists to the area.

However many Dublin pubs are currently closed, with a number of pubs closing down due to Brexit.

The most famous of these, The Tullamore, has a history of closure in the last decade, although it was reopened last year.

McComb said the city was well-known for its pubs, but he wanted tourists to understand the city has its own identity.

“We are a city of pubs, and that’s why you’ll see people coming here on their own,” he said.

“You can walk around the city, and you’ll have a pint in one of these pubs, or you can try your luck at the local bars and clubs and try a drink, or a burger.”