How do you keep your guests happy in the darkest of times?

FourFourtwo –  The Black Dog Tavern in Brooklyn’s Borough Park was once a popular hangout for the neighborhood’s youth, but it was closed down in the late 1990s, and the bars closed the doors on their last night in the dark.

Now the bar is a cozy, outdoor spot that serves delicious food and drinks in an airy space, with a full bar and a wide selection of drinks, and it’s hard to believe the pub has seen so much change. 

This past weekend, Black Dog Tavern hosted a “Dark Carnival” in honor of the holidays.

The event featured a “black dog,” a black-and-white cat wearing a red coat, a white fur coat and a black and white collar. 

“Black Dog was always a place where you could have a good time with your friends and family, but in the 90s, you could do that in a dark place,” said Curtis Foster, who is the proprietor of the tavern. 

Fosters children also went to Black Dog for many of their summers. 

They say that when the Black Dog was closed, the neighborhood changed so drastically that Curtis Foerth, the former owner of the Black Dogs was moved to Brooklyn to become the owner of The Black Dogs. 

 Foehrer’s family had moved to New Jersey in the early 1990s and his father Curtis was also moving to Brooklyn. 

When Curtis finally returned to Brooklyn, he realized that his old bar was no longer the Black Dick Tavern. 

Cody Foghall and his wife Jessica Foole also visited the bar to celebrate the holidays and to say goodbye to the restaurant, which had been in their family for nearly 100 years. 

As a result, Foley and Fowle decided to close the bar, to make way for a new concept. 

It’s a concept called The Black Dog Pub. 

The concept is a little bit of a cross between a burger bar and an Italian restaurant, but the bar is located in a space that is dark enough for a dark, quiet bar and the decor is black and grey. 

With the help of a small team of bartenders, they created a small, cozy bar with a bright, bright bar area and a large outdoor seating area. 

In addition to the black dog, there are also an assortment of alcoholic drinks and appetizers, including a french toast, sauce, and  cucumber salad. 

If you are in the area this weekend, you can grab a beer or two while enjoying a dinner of a fantastic food truck and a food truck buffet, plus a delicious dinner and dessert menu. 

You can also check out Curious and a tourist taste the space for yourself by visiting the Black Dick Pub Facebook page. 

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