How do you make your own wine?

Covington is the birthplace of Kentucky bourbon, and there are a number of old-school distilleries in the area.

And there are plenty of places where you can enjoy a nice glass of your favourite old-fashioned, from Old Hickory Bar in the town square, to the River Street Tavern, in the city.

But how do you create your own? 

Here’s what you need to know to create a great bourbon.


Get a distillery. 

There are three major distillerages in Covingtons birthplace: Kentucky Bourbon Company, Kentucky Distilling Company and Kentucky Spirits Company.

Each have their own style, and each has their own character. 

The main difference between these distillerials is that they are all run by the same company, so they’re all pretty similar. 

A good distillery will have a number or even hundreds of distillerys, and the majority of those will be located on the city’s west side.

You can find out more about distillerying in the US, UK and Australia on our website, but here are the basics:  How much does it cost? 

You can buy a barrel of bourbon from one of the big distillerists at a price of $200-$300. 

What is it made from? 

Bourbon, or grain whiskey, is made from a mash of rye, corn and barley. 

Is it aged in charred oak barrels? 


Bourbon is made in barrels made of wood and the oak used to produce the finished product is not charred. 

Are there different types of bourbons? 


There are several different types, including:  Bourbon made with molasses, corn, rye, or barley (depending on what type of barrel the distillery uses). 

Bourbon aged in casks of bourbon whiskey, bourbon made with rye or barley, bourbon aged in corn whisky, bourbon with a mash made with barley and corn and rye, bourbon and barley,  Bourbon from old-growth woods and fruit, and bourbon made from rye and corn. 

Bourbon blended with molass or corn syrup. 

Does bourbon contain alcohol? 


How old is bourbon? 

The oldest whiskey in Kentucky is bourbon made in the late 1700s. 

Can I have bourbon?

  Bourbon is a whiskey that is distilled by distilling the grain into alcohol. 

If you want to taste the effects of a bourbon, you can use a whiskey taster or buy a bottle at a local distillery for $20-$30. 

Why does bourbon need to be aged in oak barrels, anyway? 

Oak barrels are used to store the whiskey in order to protect it from the elements, and are usually a different colour than the surrounding soil. 

Do I have to buy a new barrel to make bourbon?


Will my bourbon taste different? 


Bourbon made in oak, however, tends to be more expensive. 

Which bourbon does it taste best? 

If the whiskey tastes like bourbon made using molasses or corn, it will be a bit more expensive, so if you like your whiskey to be sweet and complex, it might be a good choice. 

Where can I find a distiller? 

There is a number that have distiller shops in Coyotes hometown, and other small distilleried spots throughout the state. 

They will have distillery signs on their windows, and will even have a bourbon barrel inside their warehouses. 

Do I need to buy another barrel? 


What if I get sick of my first batch? 

Some people are allergic to bourbon, but most of the time it’s not an issue, so it’s ok. 

If you have a cold, you might want to drink it with water or some milk. 

Are there any restrictions on how long a person can keep a bottle of bourbon?

Yes, but they do not have to be continuous. 

You can buy more than one bottle at once, and you can only drink it a certain amount of times a day. 

How can I keep my old bottles safe? 

If the bourbon is too old for you, you may want to buy an old whiskey barrel that is at least 30 years old. 

Can I get a new bottle if I don’t like the taste? 


Where can I get bourbon?

Covingtons main distillery is in the historic Old Hickories Square, which is the home of the town’s namesake, and it’s a good place to stop by if you’re looking for a good drink. 

There are a few distilleriers that have a lot of space in the old-town area, and they can help you find a bottle. 

But if you want something special, you’ll have to go to the nearby River Street Distillery.

It’s the oldest distillery in Carington and has a number on