McCray Tavern, one of the largest in Ohio, closed due to floodwaters

The McCray Restaurant Group of companies that owns the McCray, a former Ohio tavern, has shuttered its doors, leaving behind a bitter taste for the company that was once one of Ohio’s best known taverns.

Glen Park Tavern, located on the southwest corner of the intersection of Main and Main streets, closed last week after more than two years of continuous renovations.

It had been closed since 2014 due to a flood.

Glenn McCray said the company has not decided whether to move to another location or close the restaurant for good.

The company had planned to open a restaurant in the former McCray’s location on Main Street in Columbus, McCray told The Associated Press.

He said he hopes the McCrays will reopen someday.

Glenny McCray was the first owner of McCray & Sons, a Cleveland-based restaurant and bar chain that also operated in New Jersey and New York.

Glenna McCray opened the first McCray tavern in 1939, when she moved to Cincinnati from Ohio.

The restaurant eventually expanded to include bars and restaurants in Ohio and New Jersey.

In the late 1960s, the restaurant opened its doors to the public.

McCray sold it to McCray and his brother, Glenn, in 1981.

McCraigs’ son Glenn died in 1999, and McCray died in 2015.

Glendons son, Glenn McCray Jr., who died in 2017, was a major investor in the company.

His family operated the McCraig Tavern for 25 years before Glenn and his family sold the business to the company in 2014.

The McCraige’s name was briefly listed on a map of Ohio restaurants and bars during the state’s Great Depression.

McCrahs sons, John and George, were also owners of the restaurant, which was known for its American classics such as steak and pork ribs.

John McCray became the company’s first president in 1986, and George McCray left the company when the McCarrens moved to Columbus.

Glenn McCraes died in 2014, and the family sold ownership to a family trust in December.

John McGraw Jr., an executive with the restaurant chain, said the McCraw’s will be closed, with plans to reopen sometime this year.

Glenda McCray served as president of the company for 26 years.

She was a member of the board of directors for the past four years.

In 2013, McCraiches sons, Glenn and John, were named executive directors of the McCay’s.

The name was later changed to Glenn McCraw and Sons.

Glendale McCray took over the McCrapys in 1990 after Glenn McCrains passing away.

She continued to run the McCrays until his death.

Glena McCray owned the restaurant through the years.

The first McCraics opened in 1935.

Glenfiddich was a German beer company, founded in 1892 in New York City.

It became a leading brand of domestic and international beer in the United States in the late 20th century.

In 2000, the company merged with the company of the same name in Austria to form Glenfiddig.

Glenfiedt’s name also appeared on a large billboard outside of the Mcrains house.