How to save $1,000 on the best restaurant deals in the GTA

By Alex WoottonRead moreA couple of weeks ago, I found myself looking for a new restaurant in my area.

While I was able to narrow down my choices to a few, I still couldn’t find a restaurant that fit my criteria.

The most popular places were restaurants with no cocktails and restaurants that were too expensive for my budget.

I thought I had found my dream restaurant when I opened a bottle of wine at a restaurant.

But I was wrong.

I was really wrong.

The wines I ordered were mediocre.

I ordered the worst wine I could find, and my server was very slow to take my order.

I also didn’t like the way the servers greeted me.

I didn’t get to see the drinks, and I didn of course not get to try the food.

The waiters I tried to impress were all extremely drunk and seemed to enjoy themselves at the restaurant.

I wasn’t impressed with the waiters either.

They were all so busy that they seemed to be on top of the food they were serving.

I had to ask for my money back because my order was full.

I had to call the restaurant again and ask for more money.

When I did get my money, I was shocked to see that my order had been fully consumed.

The restaurant was empty and the staff were sitting on their laptops and taking photos.

I left disappointed.

I know that the majority of restaurant owners don’t have the budget to invest in fancy food.

I am not saying that there aren’t good restaurants out there that are great places to go to, but they aren’t cheap.

I found my perfect restaurant with a reasonable price tag.

I could have had an even better experience if I had tried the best restaurants in the area, but I didn, so I had a pretty good experience.

If you’re in the market for a restaurant, check out this list of the best places to eat in Toronto: