Dark Horse Tavern Opa’s Tavern & Bar is set to open in Dublin next month

Opa, the Irish-themed tavern in Dublin’s north-east, has been granted a planning permission to open its doors to the public on August 12. 

The new location, which Opa has previously held for its two other venues, is slated to have a large patio area and a bar and restaurant, along with a large bar and kitchen. 

Opa is also hoping to open a new bar and café, which would be in a nearby pub. 

Dublin City Council approved the development plan for the tavern last month, which is expected to go ahead in early 2019. 

“Opa has been a pioneer in Irish entertainment, and we look forward to welcoming a new patron to Opa for a pint and watching the world go by in a new and exciting venue,” said the council. 

There will be a total of nine venues that Opa currently holds, including a venue for the band The Tragically Hip and two other Irish-inspired venues.