What’s next for Nashville pedal tavern?

Nashville’s pedal tavern is about to open its doors for business.According to owner Mike Manuels, it’s been a long time coming, but that’s about to change.Manuels says that he’s hoping to open a pedal tavern in time for the holidays.According, the pedal tavern’s not a traditional bar.Instead, the tavern’s open […]

Which teams are the most poised for a wild season?

The Wild are poised for their best year since 2008.The Stars are still rebuilding after a devastating playoff loss to the Predators.The Blackhawks are set to open the season with a record-tying 11th straight win.The Kings, Predators and Wild are in position to have their best campaigns in franchise history.The […]

When did you decide to stop drinking?

You’ve probably seen a picture of yourself at a bar and noticed a beer glass hanging on the wall.You may not have been able to get the beer out without spilling a few pints, but that’s okay.The alcohol industry is a tough business, and as a result, there are a […]

‘Fashionable’ for a Manor Housewife

Manor Hill, a historic community in the heart of New England, is an elegant little town on the Connecticut River in Rhode Island.With a mix of historic buildings and mansions, a shopping center, and a thriving art gallery, Manor Hills is the ideal setting for a summer home.A manor housewife, […]

How to get into the carlsburg tavern

Carlsbad Tavern is the place where you can go for the best of Carlsberg beer.It’s a great place for a few days, or a week, or maybe a month.I’ve had a couple of beers here, but the best ones were in October when they’re in a big bottle, with a […]